Recovery and Collections

ACRS and its owner have been in the industry of recovery and collections for almost 25 years. It’s a very important aspect of a business bottom line. Accounts receivable is often put on the back burner and one of the last things to train employees to handle and the ugliest aspects of any business. We here at ACRS know that aged delinquencies are not like fine wine and do not get better with age. Aged receivables are just the opposite they get stale and harder to collect each day they age. We feel we have the best internal control program in the industry available that gives you all the tools and them some more, that businesses and some collection agency’s don’t have. It offers you complete control but the most effective and lowest cost versus using collection agencies and attorneys that charge 25, 30, and as high as 50% and they discriminate accounts based on balance. Let ACRS show you how. You decide which accounts to turnover and when. All accounts are worked equally which gives you more recovery at the lowest possible cost. In most cases as low as 5%. Please contact us for more information.